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Back in 1973, our founders Drs. Michel Nahmad, Charles Lankau, and Melvin Weinberger started our journey at Variety Children's Hospital. That hospital later became the Miami Children's Hospital that we all love. In 1990, we were lucky to welcome Dr. Cathy Burnweit to our team. Our story is filled with great achievements that show how much we care. We were the first ones to start a special training program for pediatric surgery in South Florida, and we love helping doctors learn. We're also proud to be the first pediatric level 1 trauma center in South Florida approved by the state and the American College of Surgeons. We're always looking for new ideas, like our cancer program that brings hope to families here. We have lots of special programs, like an thyroid surgery program, colorectal center, and pectus deformities. We even help take care of newborn babies and support families who know their baby will have a hard time when born. We're experts in using the latest technology, like minimallly invasive surgeries with cameras and robots. Since 2015, our robotic surgery program has helped over 700 patients. But even with all these big things, we never forget the common problems, like fixing hernias or taking care of an appendix problem. From your very first visit, while your child is getting better, and even after, our friendly team, smart doctors, and skilled surgeons are here for you and your family. We're here to guide you with kindness, care, and lots of support.

We are excited for the opportunity to help you provide the best care possible to the children of South Florida and beyond. Our practice offers you many advantages that make it easy for you to have a pediatric surgeon evaluate your children:

Since our surgeons are based at the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, can generally provide next day evaluations in the office.

Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, South Florida’s only hospital licensed exclusively for children.

We have extensive experience practicing in South Florida; the practice has been here for over 40 years.

We practice using the latest minimally invasive techniques, so your patients not only have the most comfortable surgery possible, but also have the best cosmetic result possible.

While we can provide expertise in the most specialized areas of our craft, including neonatal surgery, oncology and gynecologic reconstruction, we pride ourselves on our excellent care of routine problems such as hernias, lumps & bumps, undescended testicles, pilonidal disease, and appendicitis.

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